Monday, 30 April 2018

Welcome Back

As promised, here is my update.

Now, I could ramble, and if I do, forgive me. The main reason I have revived this blog is because Wayne Kelly of the Joined Up Writing Podcast asked for a website or blog to direct his listeners to. Why would he want to send listeners to my website or blog? Because he is announcing my plans!

To be held accountable, he is going to let his listeners know that on October 19 2018, I will have a finished manuscript of my novel, ready to send out into the world. My first goal is May 19th, when it will go out to my Beta Readers.

This blog will continue to run for now. However, I am toying with the idea of a pseudonym, as I want to write Horror as well as Crime. And as such, I will want to keep two separate identities for each genre. But any change, or move, will be announced here.

When I get in the groove of getting this novel going, and managing my time and productivity, I will also revive Becoming Luddite, as that is my passion project.

But for now, come back here every week for news and updates.  Or don't.

Coincidentally, if you want to apply to be a Beta Reader, there is a sign up form in the side bar.

The Joined Up Writing Podcast is a great listen. It is weekly, and isn't too long that you can't find the time, and not too short that you get nothing from having listened to it. And Wayne is always open to suggestions, and loves hearing from listeners, otherwise he feels as if he is shouting into the void! 

The Joined Up Writing Podcast blog can be found here, and just search the title in your podcast app.


  1. Just want to wish you good writing and all the best for that goal!

  2. Thank you Rosemary. I sure need all the good wishes I can get!


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