Saturday, 3 February 2018

Capturing Ideas

Sorry for being quiet. I haven't done a great deal of writing. And as a result, I feel very deflated. The novel is not moving forward at all. I keep swinging between a complete rewrite and just an edit. If I keep rewriting though, it will never get done. So I am going to go for the edit. I hope by this time next week I will have successfully completed one pass through it.

A new goal for me is to write one short story a week and submit one short story a week. This too is daunting. But I am frustrated by the lack of writing I have out in the world in the hope of being published.

That brings me neatly on to the DIY MFA Book Club prompt: Try a new technique from the DIY MFA book.

Now, the technique I am going to try out is not unique to the DIY MFA. I will be keeping an Idea Bank. 

My primary focus will be filling a notebook with anything and everything that will be useful. I will set myself a target of one thing a day for the next seven days. Another thing for the Idea Bank is physical items, like postcards, or a pebble from a beach. Anything that can trigger an idea. 

But as I am new to this, I will focus on the capturing in word form. This is not to say that I won't do the physical aspects, just that they aren't important to me right this moment. I want to get back in the groove of seeing and capturing potential ideas before I take it to the next level. So in seven days time, I will tell you if I have managed to capture seven things - or more! 

My ROW80 goals will need to be adapted accordingly, and I will update very soon.

How has your week been?

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  1. Hey Ingrid,

    Don't beat yourself up, sometimes we can't do everything.
    Re the novel, I feel your pain, it's a tough call to make...
    Sounds like you have a plan for the week ahead though

    I like the Ideas Bank thing.

    Have a good week.


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