Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Week 4 Update

I think I am finding my writing rhythm, and it is all thanks to the ROW80 challenge!

There is nothing like knowing you have to post an update to the ENTIRE WORLD to make that butt stick to that chair. And whilst I am finding some parts of my goals extremely challenging, I am perservering, determined to get them done.

So here is my update:

2 drafts of Novel and 1 chapter of Structure Your Novel per day.

Check. Well, I am doing well here. I am managing a 10 page edit per day. Monday I managed 30 pages. But I am not doing the rewrites. I found I was getting myself in all sorts of bother, as I wasn't too sure what to do with the bits I marked 'rewrite'. So I am just going through and noting what I want to do, and hopefully I will have completed Structure Your Novel and I will be able to put the puzzle pieces back together.

1 chapter of DIY MFA per week.

Done. Not much in the way of practical steps, other than doing the actual writing. I have read the chapter on failing, and how failure and rejection are essential to a writer. So I am hoping to write more, so I can fail faster and better.

1 lesson on the Mystery Short Story Course

Again, done. This weeks lesson was to start with the idea for a short story that I am goiong to write over the course of the next four weeks. As I am sat in a café and haven't brought along the worksheet where I had jotted ideas down, I needed a prompt. I found an awesome website/blog here, and used the 3 people confessing prompt. I am excited to turn it into a short story.

In other news, I am considering applying for the Writing West Midlands Room 204 Writer Development programme. I know my husband will roll his eyes at this, and I can hear him in the background saying 'Just Write'. I guess his advice is good too though?

Looking forward to visiting other ROW80 blogs, and as always, feel free to leave a comment! 


  1. Well done, keep up the good work ;)

  2. Good progress! RoW80 does really help keep you on track. I'm glad you're finding it good for you, too.

  3. It is definitely helping me focus. And even when I don't feel like it, I am doing it now. I have my goals down, so something to work towards.

  4. Great to see you making progress Ingrid - Keep at it!


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