Friday, 26 January 2018

Supporting Characters - What do they do?

Today, my butt is in the chair reluctantly. But nevertheless, I am here!

Because of ROW80 (and illness) I am behind on my book club posts. Today I am looking into supporting characters. The book club prompt is to say what my favourite supporting character is, and why.

In the prompt, I am given these archetypes - Villain, Love Interest, BFF, Mentor, and Fool  - and I am not sure which one my favourite supporting character falls in to.

When I think of my favourite books - The Dr Tony Hill and Carol Jordan crime novels - and my favourite TV show - Castle - I think it is safe to say that my favourite supporting character takes on the role as mentor.

Or is it BFF? I like my supporting characters to fully understand and love the main character. The supporting character needs to bring enrichment and new ideas to the table, without taking over and being the one doing everything. The supporting character is the 'great woman behind the great man'. In essence, I want my supporting character!

They are the ones that hold it all together. When the main character can't take any more, the supporting character tells them to get their act together. When the main character is frightened, the support says 'I'm here'. The main character wouldn't be as good at what s/he does if it wasn't for the supporting character.

Like any good relationship, they complete each other.

And I need to remember this during the rewrite of my novel. My supporting character needs to support, and be seen to be supportive.

What is your favourite? 

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