Friday, 12 January 2018

Learn Your Storytelling Superpower to Write Characters That Are Right For You

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, most (if not all) of my blog posts are prompted by the DIY MFA Book Club. This one is not going to be any different.

Previous posts have been about something I might already know, even if only subconsciously. This time I had to take a quiz, and find my storytelling super power.

I am not surprised by the result, but I think it explains a lot about my writing and the character that I enjoy writing and reading about.

I am a wannabe crime novelist. I like delving into the depths of the human mind, especially when it is the mind of a delinquent. But I couldn't really find my groove. I am more interested in the criminal, the acts they commit, and their future, than the act of capturing them. But I wasn't sure how I could translate that into something readable.

Now that I have taken the quiz, I know how to step forward on my journey to write the story I want to write.

The result from my quiz was: The Underdog

You are the quintessential underdog storyteller and your superpower is creating relate-able characters who have a deep desire to change something in themselves or in the world around them. From rags-to-riches narratives to epic David-and-Goliath-style battles you craft stories with high stakes and compelling characters your readers can’t help but love.

This opens up ways I didn't realise. I need to take the person with nothing, and make them into something. This could be a criminal, a victim, a disgraced copper... 

One thing is for sure, I need to check my characters again. Rather than toeing the line, perhaps I need to dig deeper and find out whose story really needs telling. Is it really how the police catch the criminal? Or, for the novel I am writing now, could I change it to the story of the security guard, who when faced with the consequences of his actions, decides to turn the tables and repent?

One thing is for sure, it is food for thought.

If you feel that you haven't quite grasped the story or character you are trying to write, (or if you think all is fine!), check out the quiz here.

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  1. Sorry, I tried to read this post, but the background is so distracting it made my head hurt!

  2. (It's not the actual image, but the way it can be seen through the text.)

    1. Noted!! Will have a play and change the style 😁

  3. Fascinating, Ingrid! I got Protector then tried again as I couldn't make up my mind the first time with a couple of questions - got Survivor next time!


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