Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Crime Goggles

The prompt from the DIY MFA book club this week is very difficult. The question that is asked is: What is your favourite story type?

I have been thinking about this for a while. Not in response to the prompt, but to writing and reading in general. I took the quiz a few weeks back and it said I like the underdog, but I am not sure that is correct. I like seeing the world put to rights.

Some of my favourite books and shows are Criminal Minds, Castle, and anything by Val McDermid.

However, I have come to learn lately, that when it comes to reading and watching anything in the crime genre, I prefer the actual crime to the story of the people who are solving it. It isn't that I have no interest, but that the crime should be the forefront, and the character development should be a side story.

I am reading Insidious Intent at the moment, and whilst it is a good book, I think it falls short of what I enjoy reading. There is a lot more focus on the private lives of Carol and Paula in particular, and some on Stacey. There is not enough detection in the murders.

Whilst I love the characters in the Hill and Jordan series, I was more interested in how they worked together to solve the crime, than how they coped with their personal life.

It seems to be the way, even with Castle, that as the series progressed, more focus went on to private issues within the Caskett relationship.

The only one which seems to stick to the crimes first and foremost is Criminal Minds.

So in response to the question, I think my favourite stories are crime fighting ones. I like the how and why of crime, and I like trying to figure out who it is that committed the crime.

But I am broadening my crime goggles, and intend to consume lots more crime fiction, and seeing if there is something I have missed.

What are your favourite stories?


  1. I like crime stories too, but in my case I tend to prefer the detecting to be more of a backdrop for the characters as a whole, rather than for the crime puzzle to be pretty much the entire story.

    That shows how difficult the original question is, as simply naming a genre goes almost nowhere towards providing an answer.

  2. I'm a big fan of the Robert Galbraith novels (AKA JK Rowling) The Cuckoo's Calling in 2013 made a refreshing change to what was on the market at the time. I love the character Cormoran Strike, and I really enjoy the relationship between him and his assistant, Robin. Two further novels in the series followed, The Silkworm in 2014 and Career of Evil in 2015, and it's way over time for another one.


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