Thursday, 4 January 2018

Apologies and Promises

2018 is here, and I am so ready for it. As you will have seen in my previous post, December was not a good month. As such, not much got done. But that is okay, as I had plenty of time to reflect.

Sometimes, we need a tragedy to learn what is important. I decided it was time to get to the roots again. I had been balancing too long on the pole at the height at which I wanted to be, but hadn't put enough of the ground work to stop the pole wobbling. So I fell. And I fell hard.

This new year is bringing focus. I will make myself accountable by adding my 2018 goals here. As you will see, they are much less ambitious than last year. That is because I want to focus on getting things done, rather than having lots of unfinished business. This blog will also see change. I hope to update more regularly, but it will be more of an account of how the writing life is, lessons I've learned among other things, than a 'how to'. I think this will make the blog grow more organically, and make it better in the long run. It will also help add to my accountability! So here are my goals:


'Don't Think Twice' to be completed by June 30th and ready to submit. This is a slightly extended deadline.

I have another novel I want to write, about an adopted child who learns the terrible truth about what happened to her mother. I want this ready for submission by December 31st.


I am entering the Plymouth Writer's Group competition, so I need an entry ready for that. 

I also want to enter the CWA's Margery Allingham Short Story competition

I will update this blog two to three times a week.


I will take part in StoryADay in May.

I am working my way through the DIY MFA book, and have joined the book club.

I will have days off, and days where I don't access the internet.

I will take up cross stitch again.

As you can see, my goals are pretty modest. As I write this, it is 11:34 AM and I have already achieved today's goals. This means I can get my cleaning done before the school run, so I can be available for my children when they come home. It is these simple things that I need to recharge myself. That is not to say that I won't do any more towards my goals today, just that I don't have to feel guilty if I don't! 

What are your goals? Are you reaching for the stars? Or watering your roots?

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