Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Gift of Thanks

So it has been a while since I posted. This is an off the cuff one. It was looking through Facebook that made me realise what I needed to do.

I am a Christian, and I got married by someone I consider a friend in October, at my church. So that took up my time. November was touching down, recovering from the stress and debt of weddings.

But December truly rocked our world. On December 3rd, which was a Sunday, my new Father-in-Law had a cardiac arrest. We received the call as the Paramedics were working on him. They got his heart started again, but his breathing was not good, so they had to do that for him as he blue lighted it to our local hospital. Once there, he was intubated and in a sort of induced coma. He was highly sedated anyway. We had two options. Say goodbye or give him a chance on Critical Care.

We chose the latter. The next few days he was kept intubated, but he finally came off life support and had an oxygen mask. Sadly, he contracted Pneumonia, which he couldn't clear due to previous health problems, and we had to say goodbye on December 11th.

They were some of the worst days of my life.

But I survived them. Whilst he was alive, my faith was strong. But after he died, it faltered. But I keep going back to church knowing it will strengthen again.

And during that time, had it not been for the friendship and fellowship of my church, I don't think I would have survived it. The minister who had married us only months earlier was now praying with us, and then praying with us as my Father-in-Law took his final breaths. He also conducted the service on the day of the funeral, three days before Christmas. And it wasn't even part of his job to do so, as it was at a different church! Whilst my Father-in-Law was ill, a very good friend of mine and the minister's wife looked after the children. I didn't have to worry about much else other than my Father-in-Law and new Husband!

I have written this for two reasons. To explain why I have been absent, but also to express my gratitude. I will write more another time, but for now, Thanks to those that were there. Not just those who were helping in a practical manner, but those who prayed and thought of us.

In 2018 I will remember those who were kind, and thoughtful. I will also remember those who didn't care....


  1. So sorry to hear of this sad time coming so soon after your happiness, Ingrid. I do hope 2018 is kidn to you and your family.

  2. Thank you Rosemary. It was a very tough month, but I have learned so much from it. I need to get the book written for him, something he always supported me with.


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