Sunday, 24 September 2017

When is a word, not a word?

I envy writers who know how many words they have written over their career. I don't mean just the published ones, but the unpublished pieces too.

I often wonder how many I have written. Have I hit 1 million yet? Am I anywhere near that number?

There is no way of knowing, as I haven't ever kept a good enough log of my work.

But this is something I want to change. I am creating a spreadsheet, which I have copied from Simon Whaley and his book 'The Positively Productive Writer'. I will start being studious and filling it in every single day. My first goal? 1000 words. I will let you know when I hit that number!

On another note, The Positively Productive Writer is a must read. I highly recommend it, especially if you feel like you are not focusing. Mine is dog-eared now because I keep returning to it, and have been known to carry it in my handbag to keep me motivated!

But then the next question to ask is, when should a word be counted? For instance, typing this sentence, I deleted another one which was irrelevant. So that is minus. Now these sentences are plus. Once a word is written though, it is written, whether it gets deleted or not. In the end, it is all writing. And part of writing is editing. And editing is cutting, replacing, refining. So I may end up with less words than what I wrote originally, but they still count.

How many words have you written? Do you keep track?

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