Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Notebook

Notebooks. Something that fills cupboards in my house, but rarely get used to their full potential.

As writers, we are told to carry a notebook on us at all times, so that we can capture ideas as and when they come to us. Now, there have been times where I have been caught out and needed to write something down, but generally, my notebook stays in my handbag, untouched. And when I do want to retrieve it, it is often covered in something sticky and funny coloured, and I end up throwing it away. Oh the joys of young children!

Perhaps this post should have been about how to transport your notebook. Any ideas for good ways, that keep them clean and free from sticky stuff?

Anyway, there are many different types of notebooks. I prefer hard backed, lined ones. Apparently Moleskine are supposed to be the best for us creative types, but I have never got on with them. I find the ink doesn't settle on the page well enough. Recently a Paperchase opened near me. I haven't had chance to visit yet, but I will! I want to have a look at their notebooks!

But for now, my notebook is a 69p one from Home Bargains. I will upgrade one day. I just need to get in the habit of recording ideas when they come to me. This is a practice I really want to learn.

Do you have any favourite notebooks? Are you good at writing in them? Or do they collect dust in a cupboard?

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