Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Today I am taking part in a Blog Hop, as part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. If you would like to take part you can click on the image in the side bar, or click here.

The question is:

Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn't think you'd be comfortable in??

Yes. Very recently. As mentioned in my last blog post, I am being published in the Third Word Anthology, which is still available to buy here.

The piece that will be published is an 80 word piece of flash fiction. I wrote it as part of their free to enter competition. I didn't win the competition and thought nothing of it. I had never written flash fiction before that point.

However, on returning home from holiday, I went through all the e-mails that had accumulated. You know how it is.

I very nearly deleted the email from Third Word, but opened it. The subject was 'Congratulations'. That e-mail told me that the piece I had submitted had been chosen to be included in their next Anthology, and to send my bank details across for payment!

I re-read that e-mail about ten times. What? I am being published? And PAID for it?? Seriously, no!

I showed my fiancé, who said yes, most definitely I am being published AND paid for it!!

Cue a very ecstatic me.

Now, whenever I doubt the path I am taking as a writer, I have that acceptance e-mail to remind me that I am a writer, one that has something to say. And who knows? I might just have another go at writing Flash Fiction.

How about you? Have you surprised yourself? 


  1. My most surprising thing was that I started writing poetry many years ago and got some acceptances. I hadn't thought of myself as a poet before then. I associated poets with people who wrote the hearts-and-flowers stuff and that's not me.

    1. Do you still write poetry? I also had that association with the hearts and flowers until I met a few 'real life' poets.

  2. That was an excellent kind of surprise, Ingrid. (We'll be book buddies - yay!)

    1. I still can't believe it! We will :) If they chose me and you, I must be good, because you are awesome. My first ever paid (hopefully) publication :D


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