Monday, 10 July 2017

This is MINE!

So I am still on the quest to find the perfect blogging style. Okay, maybe I am setting the bar too high, but seriously, I need to get this figured out!

So I have done some reading up on it. No, I am not SEO Optimising or anything like that. No adverts - at least not until my book is out!

But one thing I realised is that my reader engagement is low.

So, we either got off on the wrong foot, or I talk about me too much. Sadly, this post is going to be about me, but as a conversation starter, because I have no idea who 'you' are until you comment.

I read that blogging is like meeting a stranger in the street (or wherever you choose!). A stranger whom you have to talk to. The stranger has somehow come across your path, and you are trying to engage with them. Now, the thing about strangers is you don't know anything about them. Do they like sweet romance? Or bloody murder? Do they turn the air blue or say darn it?

In my experience, unless you are at a party or somewhere similar where you can't easily escape, a simple 'Hi' doesn't suffice. Now, this is the Internet. I could go all weird and say 'you have brown hair, a red top and a black Labrador panting in the sun on your patio in the background' - and undoubtedly one person will say 'Holy crap! How does she know that!' - but I can't see you, just like you can't see me. In the real world, when I come across a stranger (or they me) that I am willing to engage in conversation with, I pick something we can talk about. Their dog for instance, or how I have the exact same issue burying bodies in that spot but I can take you to a more suitable place, or where they get their hair done. You know, every day topics.

If you are here, you are either into writing, reading or both.

Over the coming months, I will be developing my true sense of voice. I hope it is quirky, mysterious and fun. But I don't know yet. But I haven't been 'myself'. That is both because of the medication and the rules.

So now, I am claiming this blog as my own. And I really would like you to say hi! And please, tell me why you came here, what interests you, and what you would like to read more of. I do aim to please, just don't ask me to kill your husband - that is always too obvious.


  1. Hi Ingrid, I'd add that you also have to market your blog on places like Twitter and Facebook.
    Visiting other blogs also makes people curious about you. :-)

  2. I think it's definitely more difficult starting a blog these days as they're not quite as popular as they were at one time. You just have to keep posting and yes, sharing the link on FB or twitter if it's a particularly interesting blog post might get you more interaction.


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