Thursday, 6 July 2017

Branches and Roots

This is a very, very late post. Maybe the content will enlighten you.

I am a Christian who goes to church on an almost weekly basis. A couple of Sunday's ago, we had a visiting preacher from a nearby church. Having not heard her before, except once and I couldn't quite remember, I was dubious about the sermon.

She couldn't have had more of my attention! I could have sat and listened for hours as it seemed she spoke to me, and only me. With her talking, I was the only one in the room!

This is what she had to say, and it is relevant to Christians and non-Christians alike.

There is a group who write and perform songs based on our religion. The singer is called Mark Hall and he has written a book called 'Thrive'. I have yet to read this book, but what that preacher told us has made me want to buy it.

In the book he talks about a tree. There is a tree he takes his youth group to, and discusses how the tree has branches and leaves, and how the roots below the ground, those that we cannot see, are as deep and wide as the tree. The reason for this is that if they weren't, the tree would topple over in the breeze. Makes sense, right?

He then goes on to talk about OUR roots and branches. He describes our branches as us reaching out to others, doing things for others, and basically being selfless. The roots are us looking after ourselves, reading His Word, and just renewing ourselves. As for the tree, if we don't take care of our roots, the smallest thing could knock us over flat on our face. But if we don't reach out, what would be the point in those roots?

Like the tree, where the beautiful green pleases us and helps us live, we have to show the world we are here, and support each other. Like the tree frequently drinks the water, so we must frequently renew our spirit.

I guess it is a poetic way of talking about a life balance. But it really spoke to me. And made me realise my roots are in desperate need of watering!

How about you? Are you roots and branches doing just great? Or does some of your tree need attention?

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