Monday, 12 June 2017

A load of Hot Air

Last Saturday, I went to the final talk at my local Literary Festival.

It wasn't what I had expected or hoped. In all honesty, I am not sure what it was that I expected, or hoped!

There was free tea and coffee, and after the talk there were free pasties and cider, which I couldn't take advantage of as I had promised Him Indoors that I would go and enjoy some wine and pizza with him.

I went to listen to screen writer Debbie Horsley, who has adapted the Poldark novels for the BBC. There weren't any novelists or short story writers at the event this year, and Debbie was the closest I was getting to fiction. She has written other TV dramas which weren't adaptations. So she was the most obvious choice for me to go and listen.

It was interesting, but I couldn't say I came away feeling inspired. I have figured that a Literary Festival - or ours at least - is more for readers to attend.

I pointed out to the director of the festival that I would like to see more novellists and short story writers, and was told I wasn't the first to have said so. One person had said 'It's not very literary is it?'.

I am not writing it off for next year. But I am aiming my sights a bit higher now. I will have a look in the writing magazines, and see what is available locally, and each year I will cast my net wider, and wider, and wider. I would love to go to the Crime Writer's festival, and will probably look into that. But this year is expensive enough, and busy enough to add another commitment.

Have you ever visited a festival? If so, which one(s)? And would you say it was worth it?


  1. Hi Ingrid, I've been to quite a few...and they have been good and bad!
    Swannick Writer's Summer School is a good one if you're a writer. Loads of workshops and talks in many genres.
    It isn't too far away either, and the company has been very good, everyone was very friendly and it's down to you to mix as much as you want to, and take part in all the different workshops.

    I have only ever been for a day , at least three or four years, but I have throughly enjoyed it.

    Here is the link


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