Monday, 8 May 2017

To Write, or Not To Write.

Apologies in advance for being so late with this weeks blog post.

Life got in the way. I have the cleaning fairies in today but last week I had to concentrate on decluttering, and that is a mammoth task when you haven't done it since you moved in nearly 4 years ago! But today is the start of a new chapter.

I was considering whether I really should be a professional writer or a hobbyist. This came about after I was asked a question about why I write. My answer was true: Because I have to.

Writing for me is like breathing. I need to do it. If not, I start to suffocate and gasp for breath. But that doesn't mean it is something I (or anyone else in this sort of situation) should do professionally.

But the answer came when I said that I don't see the point in writing stories if not many people will read them. By that I meant that if I was a hobbyist, the most likely audience would be family and friends, if that. But professionally, the aim is a couple thousand (or millions!) would read my words.

So I came to realise that I am a professional. Or at least I aim to be.

And now we have the cleaners in. My other half said to me 'You've got cleaners, now write your book'. I guess I have no excuse now!

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  1. I'm very jealous, getting a cleaner is a great idea! I'm interested to know how you managed to do the decluttering? I am so very bad at it nowadays. The clutter has got the better of me. I feel it's either writing or do some clearing out.

    Regards writing, I'm like you, I can't imagine not writing.


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