Sunday, 9 April 2017

Take Note Part 2

The last time I talked about using a notebook, I set myself a challenge of noticing -and writing down- 3 things a day. I failed. Which is a shame, as I need that sort of richness in my stories. Perhaps I will try again.

But another reason for having a notebook, and you will have heard this before, is to capture ideas.

I struggle with this. I think it is the identification of ideas. I can be walking along, and my mind would be something like this:

Oh look. That would make a great story. Maybe she gets robbed? Then after she meets her future husband. A paramedic? Would she be that hurt and injured? Is it robbery? Must check the facts. How old is she? She must be young. So why was she robbed? At a cash point? How about if she is the police, and is on the case. What if she learns that the robber is someone she knows. Or how about no one gets robbed at all. Let's make it nicer. Must re-read the problem page. That third problem had something in it that would make an excellent short story. Let's just feel the sun. Try and describe it. How could I describe it differently?........

As you can see, my mind runs away. It takes twists and turns. And although I use the word 'story' which is a big giveaway, I don't identify it as an idea. Or maybe, it is because I know it will take many different turns before I settle on a good idea.

Then I heard of the '10 ideas a day' challenge. The premise is to capture 10 ideas a day. Depsite how good they are, they need to be written down. This isn't restricted to story ideas, though I hope that with practice, I can get 10 story ideas a day.

I need to practice using my notebook. I wanted to fill the new one I had for Christmas by the end of January, but I didn't succeed. I don't use it when I should, and I do when I shouldn't (is there actually a time when you shouldn't use a notebook though?).

To find out more about the 10 ideas a day, head on over here, to someone who puts it more eloquently.

And remember, use your notebook. That is what it is for.

Do you use your notebook? How and when? Feel free to share tips and encouragement in the comments.


  1. I do occasionally write down ideas but my problem is remembering to look at them again! I did however develop one idea a few months ago and the story was subsequently published in The Weekly News. So definitely a valuable habit to form!

    1. Oh yes, when I do get ideas, I often forget to revisit them. But there are times when I am all out of ideas and needing to start a new project. Then it would be handy! Congratulations on your recent success. :D

  2. I thought I'd already left a response here for you Ingrid, I'm either going mad, or I'm over tired. Whichever, here I am again.
    Notebooks are wonderful things aren't they? I like the '10 ideas a day ' thing, although that might be a tall order for me. I could probably do 10 a week if it included blog post ideas.

    1. Let's just say, it isn't going well here either. Though I did have a couple of ideas when reading through this month's Writing Magazine. I didn't jot them down in my notebook though, but in the margins of the magazine!


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