Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

I am keeping this post short and sweet.

I have several ideas for the future of this blog, which is great as I am planning harder, and working smarter. Why and how? I have a new mentor. I am following her advice on planning the quarters, so I have goals. I am really going to work hard at writing. I don't think I have enough to do, but as I am a mother as well, I think I should try not to over burden at the start. I can slowly build up my work load.

So after Easter, my blog is going to take a slightly different direction. It will be more writing centric. I was thinking how I struggle week on week to decide what to write about. So I thought I will focus more on the actual writing life. It will cover things that I find as I develop, and what advice I find works and so on. I will post more about problems and how I plan to overcome them (demanding toddler anyone?) and whether I succeed. I will impart my wisdom. I say that with my tongue in cheek, as I am far from wise. I am just picking it up as I go along.

But one thing I have found on my journey is that writers all face similar struggles. The advice out there is often regurgitated. There is often too much advice and one rarely knows which path to follow. So with the help of my mentor I hope to dig my own path, and put what I choose on top of it. And I hope you will follow me, and maybe pick up some tips along the way.

My blog is organic. It is infantile. I hope I can keep the readers I have as I explore new avenues.

In the meantime, don't make yourself sick on chocolate! I can't as I am on a diet. Because I am mad like that.

Happy Easter


  1. All the best with your blogging and writing plans, Ingrid - it's good to take stock every now and then!

    1. Thanks! Just need to figure out where to start now.


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