Sunday, 5 February 2017

Writing Space

As writers, we can be very fussy about where we work, thinking that we need some magic ritual to be successful.  I know that if I want to do something, then I like a clean, tidy environment. For instance, I cannot sit down and crochet, or watch TV if there are jobs to be done. Now that isn't to say that my house is tidy. It is far from it. But that orderly environment is something I strive for on a daily basis, even though I fail at it often.

Currently, I don't have an office. This is something I really wish I could have, but space and money doesn't permit. At the moment our dining room acts as laundry room (we have a tumble dryer in here) office, and until recently a playroom.

Here is a picture of this space as I write:
If you look closely, in the background there is a computer desk, which is used for piling the stuff that has accumulated on the dining table when it is time to eat!

I know I said I needed clean and tidy, and this photo shows something other than that. What keeps me going in all this chaos are my accountability partners. I have a blog buddy, whom I have to check in with weekly. And then I have word wars going on where I have to write 500 words a day on my novel! So if this was even worse, I would have to go and find somewhere else to do it. And I would! Although I prefer order, I can work in an environment other than what I prefer. Which just shows that you don't need the perfect desk or office or anything else for that matter. I have learned that to be a writer all you need is a way to get your words on the screen.

Sometimes, I work in the library, or a café. But I work best sitting at the dining table, despite the fact that I bought the computer desk for writing. I need the space that a dining table provides. We do have plans to buy a proper desk and transform the room into an office. I wonder, if I remember, what difference my work space will look like this time next year?

Where do you write? What helps you get productive and in the zone?


  1. Well fancy that! We have blogged about the same topic with a slightly different take on things...
    I have a dedicated writing room (converted bedroom) however, everyone is dumping their stuff in there, and it is really cluttered.

    I'm in the zone if it's clear and smells nice around me. However, I find myself doing snatched writing everywhere from the kitchen table whilst the evening meal is cooking, to sitting in bed at 6.15am scribbling away in a notebook.

    I'm determined to get the writing room sorted out as I fought so hard to get it in the first place! Perhaps I'll have to settle for half of the room, and just keep the desk tidy.

    Thank you for sharing - have a good week Ingrid. :-)

  2. I'm fortunate in having a good sized, dedicated writing area at home – and a much smaller, but adequate, space in the campervan when we're away (which is about half the time). I'm very happy with this arrangement, but I'd still write if I had to go back to doing it on the dining table and train to work.

  3. I'm lucky in that I have the spare bedroom as my writing space. I'm unlucky too, because it also means I have two spare beds to spread my writing paraphernalia over. And I do! But tomorrow we have guests arriving for the weekend so I have to clear it all away which is the motivation I need to tidy up. Perhaps Monday when I regain my by then strangely tidy writing room my productivity will increase.

  4. Although I have a space in which to write and type at home, I love writing in cafes and on trains with pen and notebook, Ingrid! For some reason the words flow better and then I enjoy typing them onto the computer. But I do like my own little space at home too and enjoy a de-clutter every now and then.

  5. It seems writing spaces are varied!
    Rosemary - I envy your ability to write whilst travelling, and with pen and notebook. My hand doesn't move fast enough!


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