Sunday, 15 January 2017

Murder in Mind

In my last post I mentioned I wanted to read 12 books this year, to do with writing. I chose 'On Being A Writer', and I have started on that. However, in my desire to write a story, I have also started reading two others: 'From Story Idea to Reader' by Patsy Collins and Rosemary J Kind, and 'Writing Crime Fiction' by Rosemary Rowe.

I am not yet ready to talk about what I have learned from On Being A Writer, but I look forward to working my way through it. I haven't completed the other two, but I will say that 'From Story Idea to Reader' is a good all round guide, for anyone interested in writing fiction, in any genre. I have found it informative and useful. Through reading it, even though not even a quarter of the way through, I now have a possible setting for a story I am working on. I will be continuing reading it, and see how it helps. No doubt it will be one of those books I turn to again and again.

'Writing Crime Fiction' is especially useful for wannabe crime writers like myself. I always struggled as crime fiction doesn't follow the exact same rules as other genres. Not that it doesn't follow those rules at all, just that they are a little more blurred. And so i found it difficult to come up with a coherent plot. I also have three pages in my notebook filled with possible motives for murder. Should I disappear abruptly, assume the police have take me in for questioning! I am also learning what crime I should be writing (and reading!). Today, I bought my first Agatha Christie book - The Murder at the Vicarage - and cannot wait to read it! I have a list of authors the book recommends for my area of crime expertise. It will really widen my horizons!

So this week has been spent mostly thinking of murder. And it has been so much fun!

How has your week been spent? Anything exciting happen?


  1. Hello Ingrid,
    I haven't come across the first book, but I also own a copy of the second one, From Story Idea to Reader, which I am currently dipping in and out of too. In fact my copy looks positively dog eared already!
    I fancy having a look at Writing Crime Fiction, as i haven't come across a book on the subject as yet. Although, my interest is in supernatural crime, and I can't imagine anything listed for that?

    I love notebooks, although there is nothing jotted in mine this week, other than my 'to do' list for the week ahead.
    Have a good week. :-)

  2. my notebook is getting fuller and fuller! Fleshing out a short story idea :) Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Hi Ingrid - found your blog after you visited mine! One book I can recommend is Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brand - it's quite old but is the first of its kind to look at being the psychology of being a writer. It has probably been reissued by now and might be on Amazon. Good luck with your reading.

    1. Hi, yes I have that book! It is on my reading list. Thank you for visiting :)


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