Saturday, 26 November 2016

Things My Family Have Taught Me

This is my first post, and I will admit it isn't wholly writing related. But still.

My family have taught me a valuable lesson. When I say family, I am referring to my children and fiance. My family have taught me tolerance, understanding and patience, and most of all love.

This is how they taught me this.

Today has been a different sort of day. It has had it's highs, but mostly consisted of me dealing with children whilst fiance was working, and it is a Saturday. In true sibling style, they quarrelled. A lot!

Then they were both in the local Christmas light switch on parade, and we saw Santa. On returning home I was frustrated at the mess in the living room, which was 'Children At Home All Day' messy. I went mad. I was so frustrated that they can't tidy up, despite being told to do so on many occasion, and that the majority of the mess was theirs. It is son's job to tidy the living room, but he doesn't put things away, he dumps them. Leaving me with more of a job.

Anyway, the frustrated tears flowed and I retreated to the dimly lit dining room, with the soft glow of the sideboard and work station calming me (and the glass of wine!). I then remembered how my recent article had been scribbled all over by my 3 year old girl. She had managed to reach a top shelf where it was kept. I wished that it could be mine, sacred for me and only me.

After a few minutes fiance joined me. He sat opposite me and we talked whilst I finished my wine. I talked of how hard I am working to make a living as a writer, and that I would just appreciate some consideration. My children don't need me yawping about how hard I work to keep house for their benefit. As their mother, it is my job to provide that home, and teach them how to keep house themselves. Though I bet I am not alone in feeling that it would be easier to get the blood from the stone than teach the latter! By the by, time went on, I vented, and the youngest was put to bed. I then told my son that I loved him. I asked which he thought I loved more, wine or him. His reply was that I love him more.

He told me he knew I was always there for him, that I cared for him and I would always help him when I can.

Considering not moments before I was telling him how annoyed I was that he couldn't tidy up properly, and that I was fed up and had had enough, his revelation broke through. No matter how I am feeling, I am loved, and my family know I love them too. Which means that between the discipline, the bad moods and just general grumpiness, I am getting something right.

What has your family taught you? With Christmas approaching, family is forefront in many peoples mind. It is time to stop and take stock. The gifts you give to family, do they really need to be costly?

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  1. Hello Ingrid,
    I'm wondering how old your children are? Mine are all grown, but I recall the frustration you are talking about...
    Happy to share my solution with you too.
    I got two large boxes with lids, I then set a timer, and said to them, right lets get all the toys put away for the day. If we beat the clock, you both get a star. When you get seven stars, you get to choose ?
    And make that something you know they will like...

    As for what my family have taught me?
    Whatever stage you're at, remember this, it is just a stage. It will alter, nothing stands still. And when you look back on these childhood memories they will be with fondness.

    Maybe, you need a safer place to put your stuff though :-)

    Good post - look forward to reading more in 2017


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